since 1122



since 1122

Urban refuge.

The unique quality of life in Salzburg is just one of the many things that make the Fondachhof so attractive. Here, in the heart of Europe, culture and nature stand in perfect harmony, and the lakes of the Salzkammergut are just as close as the Alps. Munich, Vienna and Venice can be reached in just a few hours via a sophisticated transport network consisting of airports, motorways and IC rail connections.

As a place where its many owners over the centuries have lived and worked, the heritage protected Fondachhof is of great interest to the public. Its history and location have made it a legend that still stands out among the many magnificent buildings in the Baroque city.

Perfectly situated in a green district on the edge of the city, the Fondachhof is an ideal retreat away from the vibrant Salzburg life. The ensemble and its lush park combine tranquillity and style into a special environment where discerning visitors love to gather and relax.

  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof

A country
house in
the city.

Due to the Fondachhof’s proximity to the city of Salzburg and its many attractions, the estate – with its main house, annexes and sprawling park – is perfectly situated for visitors. As an ideal place for business or pleasure, it has been the birthplace of many a grand plan or innovative idea.

The bel étage of the main house is equally impressive: with its high stucco ceilings and open fireplace, it has served as an apt environment for cosmopolitan hosts over the centuries. Even today, the Fondachhof continues to be characterised by special spatial experiences – such as the two utility levels below the exposed truss, which offer unique views over the whole Salzburg basin.


I have never felt so good
in Salzburg as I did at
the Fondachhof.

Sylvia Geszty, opera singer, 1978





  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
1122 Stift
St. Peter
1434 Nicolaus
1483 Johannes
1614 Sydonia
1678 Emmeram
Friedrich von Ritz
1687 Johann Goerg
von Tach
1727 Josef Christof
1777 Anton
1865 Mag. Karl
1872 Anna Gräfin
1941 Dr. Hans
1996 Franz

900 years
of living

The ability to adapt to different occasions is what makes a building special. The Fondachhof excels in this sense, with almost 900 years of flexibility, which, along with many other characteristics, has made it one of Salzburg’s most unique constructions.

At the very beginning, it was occupied by Archbishop of Salzburg Conrad I, who in 1122 handed over the “Hube ad Porras” (property in Parsch, as the district is known today) to the hospital of the equally magnifi­cent St Peter’s Abbey. Since then, thirty-four subse­quent owners have been documented, with no gaps in the past 500 years.

The ideal
place to be.

Traders, townsfolk, aristocrats – the owners of the Fondachhof were always families with local and regional roots, who used it as a manor or country seat. A new era began for the Fondachhof in the mid-20th century, as the beauty of the city and province of Salzburg, as well as art, culture and and the Salzburg Festival, became a focus of attention.

Converted into a palatial hotel, the Fondachhof soon became a meeting place for singers, composers, actors, and the stars of stage and screen at that time. They spent a few days here or stayed for several years. The Fondachhof came to symbolise inspired well-being – a travelogue in the Boston Globe praised it plain and simply as „the ideal place“.

During the time when it was a hotel, the Fondachhof was one of the ‚hot spots‘ of the Salzburg festivals, which had Leonhard Bernstein as well as Henry Kissinger, Helmut Schmidt and Bruno Kreisky maintained in its guest book.


Birth place of
Sissi films.

During the 1950s, the Salzburg district of Parsch, where the Fondachhof is situated, was a centre of the Austrian film industry, which was undergoing a revival at the time. More than 50 films were produced here, including by Franz Antel. Another influential person from this era was Ernst Marischka, whose life’s work includes 80 scripts and almost 30 cinematic productions as director.

Among his most successful creations is the trilogy of Sissi films, starring Romy Schneider and Karlheinz Böhm. The Fondachhof’s pavilion provided Marischka with a quiet place to write the scripts between 1955 to 1957. Filming took place in the nearby Schloss Fuschl. With an audience of more than 20 million, the Sissi films are among the most successful ever in German-speaking cinema.

Romy Schneider as Princess Elisabeth, directed by Ernst Marischka, December 19555


Pure joy
of life.

With its spacious grounds, the Fondachhof conveys the ease and spontaneity of a classic villa, whereby its modern facilities are just as important as the diversity of the daily experiences. The sunny terrace, for example, with its adjacent garden, provides a wonderful setting for pleasant discussions, while the sprawling park invites one to take a contemplative stroll.

Hohensalzburg Fortress, the Baroque jewel of Salzburg’s Old Town, already awaits before the gates of the Fondachhof. Life here in one of the world’s top tourist attractions is characterised by Austrian hospitality, fascinating cultural attractions, and shops offering exclusive brands. Ultimately, this fine balance is what has made it a natural social hub for decades.


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  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
  • Fondachhof
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  • Fondachhof

Salzburg –
centre of a
greater area.

It hosts elegant festival premiere, jazz concert or cinema evening. In Salzburg, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a diverse cultural and event program all year round. The unique ensemble of historical buildings and squares has made Salzburg a World Heritage Site. Here you can stroll through the alleys around Mozart‘s birth house, enjoy the hustle and bustle on the markets, the atmosphere in the stylish cafés and the views of the city from the terraces. You can do the shopping in the Salzburg greater area not only in the boutiques offering exclusive brands and trendy labels, but also shopping and outlet centres. Higher schools offering vocational training and graduation diploma are available in Salzburg for many study programmes. There is a rich offer of bachelor and master programmes at Polytechnics and the University of Salzburg with the graduate schools of natural sciences, law and cultural / social sciences. Salzburg is always in season with Festivals at Easter, Pentecost and in summer with the unique Jedermann at the cathedral square.

Floor area.
Usable area.
Special features.

Land plots: 6.780 m2
Mansion: 922,44 m2
Annex: 332,40 m2
Pavillon: 75,03 m2
Swimming pond: 450 m2

  • Mentioned for the first time: 1434
  • Heritage protection
  • 17th century park with a 35-meter high linden group, swimming pond and fountain
  • Garden pavilion with wood veneer coverings
  • Fenced view protected area
  • Generously shaded driveway with entrance gate remote control
  • 4 garage spaces, 11 car parking spaces
  • Living rooms with partly old tiled stoves
    and an open fireplace
  • Partly heritage protected stucco ceilings
  • Original roof beams, up to 6.50 m high and a view of the Hohen Salzburg fortress in the roof studios
  • Marble, stone, parquet and tile floors
  • Central opening elevator door
  • Electrical installations with safety and mains cut-off
  • Gas central heating

Additional information:

fürst developments GmbH


fürst developments GmbH
Gaisbergstraße 46, 5020 Salzburg, Österreich
t: +43.662.639.63.0 f: +43.662.639.63.63

Franz Fürst

Business purpose:
property development projects

Company number:
FB 63904b

Commercial register:
Salzburg district court

VAT Reg. No.:
ATU 52774902

Picture sources:
fürst developments GmbH
Tourismus Salzburg (country house in the city)

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